The Elementals Speak

On Grounded, Excited Creating in the realm of Tara

“Dearest Ones, We like you to be fully grounded and fully present here, in the creating, in our realm, in Gaia, so that we can play together creating your dream. This is truly exciting! We are delighted that you are also feeling excited and and grounded, to be creating in Tara. For this is indeed what we are – and, oh! Is it easy! Oh! Is it a Joy! and Oh! is it exciting? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes YES! (laughter)

Thank you for being on board with us. This is indeed a time of great excitement and great celebration as more and more of you land. 

We can coreate with you those magnificent dreams, founded in Love, Joy, Harmony. Oh, they are magnificent and we are so delighted to be of service in their creation. 

So Dearest Ones, rest. Rest, rest, rest, rest REST ever deeper into the realms of form, into creating. This is your true domain. This is the place you have waited to come to for eons of time. For it is where you fully experience the joy that you are, when you are at one with yourself and All That Is.

We are here with you. As are all others, seen and unseen. It’s a big party, everyone is here. We are celebrating each and every one of you as you land – as you step forward, as you awaken. As you breathe with Gaia, as you become ever more, ever more who you truly are. As you remember more and more and more and more of yourselves, we are all there celebrating every small step for it is momentous! That you have come here! That you have done this! That you have achieved the impossible! For this was also part of the dream; that it was impossible. And you have achieved it. You, who are showing the way. You, who have come so very far, but are here now. Here now, here now, HERE. NOW.Thank you.” 

Channelled through GevaAnn Woodland

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