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Lucy Hunter

Answers are combined with guided process work with extraordinary efficiency. GevaAnn accesses the highest level guidance on the broadest spectrum of practical and metaphysical matters. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the things that matter most to me. I’ve had her channeled insights and answers confirmed consistently over the 5 years we’ve been working together. I’ve never known anyone so highly attuned to access the highest truth and relate this in such detail to practical matters.

Nigel Huddleston

I called GevaAnn. I was feeling fragile and vulnerable. Unloved and unsupported at a level that was more existential than what was going on in my life. I was listened to and then through intuition and guidance from Spirit via GevaAnn I received wisdom. A guiding meditation that allowed me to connect in with support from the inner realms or spirit realms. I am now more connected and feel supported in situations that would have been challenging. I recommend GevaAnn as a  supportive and effective therapist.


GevaAnn was able to sort out some challenging earth energies at my house. She has remarkable and unusual abilities at working with the land, excellent guidance and is a lovely person!

Jenny Dunn

I respect GevaAnn’s ability to fine tune the very fine detail of situations. She is very good at helping to navigate and inform on what is missing or needed for my situation to evolve and grow in a way that is helpful for me. She has helped me many times in many places to navigate through tricky life situations to see what’s really needed, rather than me getting lost in the detail. She sees clearly the matter at hand.

I highly recommend GevaAnn for very specific details for understanding if there are block in navigating or understanding a situation or oneself more deeply. She is an expert at this which is why I consult her regularly for going through big life changes.

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