Elemental Blueprint – Akashic Activations

A conversation with Lucy at infinityresonance.com looking at what’s activating now in the blueprint for human consciousness and how that synchronises and nests within the evolution of Gaia, the planetary consciousness. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1621621/10799416-elemental-blueprint-akashic-activations-with-gevaann-voice-of-gaia.mp3?download=true

Gaia’s climate change

This channelled information from the Elementals came through in conversation with Lucy of infinityresonance.com about a news report from New Zealand about projected sea leval rise. They are unaware of the microscopic movement choices Gaia makes constantly to support life at the same time as moving through these changes, how she is managing the meltingContinue reading “Gaia’s climate change”

The Councils of Light Overseeing the Ascension of Planet Earth

The Council’s of Light let us know we have collectively allowed a disaster. Channeled messages through GevaAnn Woodland