Channeling – Be in your centre and radiate the truth of who you are

By being who you are, resting in the centre of your being, in the core of your being and radiating out the truth of who you are, calls others to this point but also stabilises. Where you are resting in the core of your being and radiating your true frequencies, you are stabilising the collective. In stabilising the collective you are also assisting the planet

Channeling – Stand Rock Solid in the Truth of Who You Are

We are the dreamers – we dream reality into being – the Elohim tell us we’re changing how we do that as we create the new world together. Listen to the Podcast Episode here.

The Councils of Light Overseeing the Ascension of Planet Earth

The Council’s of Light let us know we have collectively allowed a disaster. Channeled messages through GevaAnn Woodland

Crown Activation – Solstice Solar Eclipse

Channeling – Christ Council – Crown Activation, Solstice Solar Eclipse. The Christ Council bring through their loving support during this eclipse and let us know a little of what to expect, speaking on this now moment in humanity’s Ascension.