One to Ones

One to One Sessions with the Guides

One to One Sessions for channeled answers and energy alignments from the guides through GevaAnn.

One to One sessions for channeled guidance on matters that matter. Helping you come into alignment and access your deeper knowing.

Guides from multi-dimensions can support you with energetic help as well as answers to questions so you can make the quantum leaps in consciousness that clear the path for harmony-aligned living, choosing and creating.

About your channel

GevaAnn has been a conscious, open multi-dimensional channel for 20 years, accessing high level guidance of unconditionally loving integrity. Accomplishing a level of accuracy normally associated with trance channels, she has long been known among her close associates as the Voice of Gaia. Typically in service to other channels, energy workers and consciousness facilitators, who trust her for her integrity, she is equally readily available for anyone with a question in their heart on how to become more aligned with the truth of who they are and more aware of how we create in connectivity.

Living a guided Life and wholly surrendered to being in service, her loving, pragmatic approach means she can bring the deeply metaphysical all the way into the tiniest details of every day life.

Before Booking Your Session

All that is asked is that you come with the innocence of curiousity, an open heart, dedicated to your own growth and conscious evolution. And ready to take full ownership of your responses to the messages the guides bring to you. You will be fully held, energetically assisted and supported lovingly to process whatever moves for you during a session.

Sessions can be in person, by phone or online. To get in touch, email GevaAnn and ask any questions that come up for you around channeling and let her know a little something of what’s on your mind. She can let you know if a session is the right thing for you and if yes, what kind of session might be best.

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