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Conscious Cocreating within Gaia and all her communities

A conversation with GevaAnn changes the direction my life is going in.

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GevaAnn is a consultant for your conscious cocreating, whether you have questions you’d like to ask the guides about your life, your home, your land or your community.

Access her for multi-dimensional channeled guidance

Open new channels to your own guidance

“Everything. Every single thing is conscious. It is not just that that you perceive to be life, but everything. Everything is communicating with everything else all the time.”

The Elementals

  • For a One to One Q&A Session to help you align with harmony in your personal growth, creating and life decisions
  • Invite her to your home and land for a Harmony Alignment – to bring your living and working space into the highest possible alignment
  • Engage her Project Consultancy for channeled guidance to help you map your life, home and community creations for harmony, alignment and sustainable growth.

One to Ones

One to One Q&A Sessions bring in direct guidance from the multidimensions of guidance for accurate, clear, actionable answers to your most important questions, with integrated energy clearing, alignments & acitvations.

Harmony Alignment – Buildings & Spaces

A multi-level, multi-dimensional dowsing, alignment and channeling to bring your buildings and spaces into harmony at all levels. Beyond clearing energies, this sets up energetic conditions for continual balancing, harmonising, clearing and renewal.

Project Consultancy

Starting a large project for yourself, your workplace or your community? Receive a fully dowsed mapping of recommendations with multi-level channeled guidance.

Channeled guidance for conscious cocreating – contact GevaAnn

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