Gaia Speaks – On The Corona Virus & The Elementals

Gaia Speaks On This Transition, the Elementals and the Coronovirus

Channeled Message through GevaAnn

A Message from Gaia channeled live during the coronavirus in March 2020

Making contact with her beloveds in a welcoming message to lead to further deeper meetings in connection.

Transcript Below

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GevaAnn channels our Beloved Gaia on The Corona Virus, the Elementals & The Transition

You hold within you such joy. Such dreams of a new world and this is indeed what you are creating; you are already creating with our beloved elementals.

Gaia Speaks

Video Transcript:

To receive this transmission I would suggest that you take a deep breath and focus your awareness in your heart. Energy flows with a transmission not just words. be open to receiving and you will receive what is right for you.

Gaia Speaks:

“Beloveds. Beloveds of my heart. I would take this opportunity to thank you. Every single one of you. For being here now, for being willing to make this transition with me. To be willing to be still. And to allow all that is to come to pass to move through you. This is a truly great endeavour. This truly is mankind’s destiny. And you are here and I am so grateful. 

In this moment in time I and all life breathe more easily. Yes there are many places where the air is clearer, so that we can all breathe more easily. But that is only one level. 

You are making this transformation on every level of your being. We all are. No one is being left behind – everyone is stepping through in their own way in their own time and we will indeed land in the New Earth. All of us. 

Many of us are there now, stepping between worlds, allowing the old world to die and this is the task at the moment. Your world is transforming. We are All transforming. 

I wish to reassure you that everything is perfect. That the elementals have worked hard to create what you asked for; a means to make this transition; to leave behind all fear. And so they have created for you a situation that brings all your fears to the surface. So that they can be returned home to love. So that you need no longer dwell within them. So that you need no longer carry the fears of the past with you into the future. 

These are the timelines that are collapsing at this time. This is the reality that is leaving so please, let go. Let go of fear. It is only fear that holds you back. 

You hold within you such joy. Such dreams of a new world and this is indeed what you are creating; you are already creating with our beloved elementals. 

Allow yourself to rest in the stillness that you have created here at this time. Allow yourselves to know that you are all connected, not only to each other but to all life. None of us are alone. 

This is what you wished to connect with, to realise fully. And so, you have created a situation where you can be still, where you can see that you are indeed all connected and that you are not separate from the rest of life. It is a great achievement. 

Allow yourselves to release the fears and rest in the joy of new creating. 

Thank you, Beloveds. You are held in love. As you make this transition. You are held in great Joy. All of Life applauds you and thanks you. This could not be done without you. You are an essential part of the whole process. Of the whole of who I Am. Thank you for being willing to take the journey. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 

Channeled Live on Facebook, March 18th 2020

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