Gaia speaks on grief and joy

On forgetting and remembering

…and on the Divine Father

Channelled message

Gaia speaks on loss and rememberance

“I really played my part in the game of separation but it has also grieved me greatly that my children would be so separate from me that they would forget me but they would forget themselves. Allow yourselves one moment to feel this depth of grief so it can transform once again into the joy of being together – of being in union, in unity, in oneness with All That Is, through all the levels of our beings, yours and mine. All of us. Thank you dearest ones, thank you for allowing the lifting, through yourselves, of the grief that is deep within you. 

Beloveds it is indeed that simple. Please call upon me, as you move through these deep times of remembering and releasing the traumas of separation. For it is in sharing this grief between us that we are able to transform it. We are calling n divine father. We are allowing divine father his true place. We are allowing Divine Father his expression of grief at separation, also. There is much respect and honour for those who have journeyed deep into separation from All That Is. But there is great sadness also. The grief of the pain that humanity has undergone in their forgetting, we have felt it all and we celebrate now your remembering as wave upon wave of you are remembering and freeing yourselves once again into truth. We stand with you, surrounding you, holding you, assisting you, please call upon us for these are great times. Where we can all support each other, assist each other, as each individual remembers themselves and takes their place in humanity and in the planets and in the universe and in All That Is. Remember, dearest ones, you have a place throughout all the realms. For you have journeyed them all and this remembering is equal to the time of great forgetting. Thank you for being present here now. Thank you for remembering. Thank you, for sharing. All is well, Beloved ones, all is well, rest easy in yourselves, this too shall pass.” 

Gaia – through GevaAnn

This was channelled on 20190222, with all the numerology of duality and so it is apt that Gaia is speaking on the story of forgetting and remembering. We were sat in a special cafe in Southern Spain, with the noise of the cafe in the background, the interruptions of food arriving and all the while, GevaAnn channelling incognito in the middle of the hubbub, as had become normal. And still the force of the channelling and the power of the love of her words was held and held us – there is nowhere that is not sacred. And truth is present everywhere, in each moment. We’ve left the recording off the page.


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