Gaia Speaks – on the evolution of creation

In Loving Thanks

A Channelled Message

Listen here to the audio channelling:

channeled message from Gaia through GevaAnn


“Beloved ones, beloved ones, thank you. Thank you for being the trailblazers, for holding the visions, for knowing the truth that we are. Thank you. Thank you for making the long journey through the years. Through time and space, through all dissonance, holding the frequencies of love. Thank you. Thank you for making this long life journey to this point, where we can rest whole once again. Thank you.

For, dearest ones, it has been essential that you played your part. You have played your part even when there has been no certainty that you would fulfil the dream. So it is time to celebrate. To celebrate. For indeed we have achieved our outcome. Together we dreamed this dream. Together we took the first faltering steps. Together we grew more confident. Together we fell over and got back up again. Together through the years of your lives, we have achieved this and so much more. We have called all the others into being, who were uncertain. We have called into being the universe, the galaxies, to support, for they began to see that it was possible, that the one step that we took was the one step for all and indeed we could accomplish it here, in this reality that we created together.

Thank you, dearest ones, thank you for playing your part in this great story of evolution in creation. Thank you. You are held in the greatest of love by All That Is, for making this great journey you are doubly held and doubly loved. Blessings on you all, thank you.” – Gaia Speaks through GevaAnn.

‘She just has so much love for us. It’s just amazing.’ (GevaAnn, after channelling)

Artwork: Cristina McAllister – Gaia Sacred System

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