Gaia Prophecy

New Harmonics

Channelled through GevaAnn

There are new harmonics to arise. There are new harmonics that are coming into being. There is a new civilisation arising here. One such as man has never seen before. One that is in true cocreation of all life on earth in Gaia, in wholeness. The old has been burned away and the new will arise from the ashes. Do not despair. All is well. All is well in Gaia. Do not despair for all are coming home. All are coming home. And there is such joy and there is such excitement and there is such creation happening. Coming forth in Gaia, coming forth in the realm of matter. Humanity is in harmony with all life and now we can all play. 

Channelled through GevaAnn on 2019-08-02

Listen to the audio channelling here:

Gaia Prophecy – New Harmonics
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