Ask The Elementals guided Talks, Walks & Live Broadcasts


Direct your questions to the elementals, to Gaia and to All of Life for channeled answers on how we can be more connected, aligned and aware in our cocreating

Wherever people get together with a commitment to awakening, becoming more and creating in greater harmony, the elementals have a limitless love for answering questions and offering support, insight and guidance.

Listening to the land – adventures with the Elementals

Guided Walks

All of everything is conscious and consciousness can speak. Take a walk into the landscape to see and hear direct from the Elementals and our guides how all places are sacred places. Get in touch to find out about the next guided walk or new earth adventure.

Hear The Elementals talk on Cocreation

Events – Channeled Q&A

Here direct from the guides in an Ask The Elementals group session. Hear them talk on conscious cocreating and humanity’s relationships within the elemental kingdoms. With channeled Q&A sessions to follow their trnsmission.

Hear direct from the guides at your group, workshop or event

Live Channeled Broadcasts

Online live Channeled Messages broadcast from Gaia, the Elementals and the multi-dimensions of Loving Guidance. See when the next one is and catch up on past broadcasts here.

Ask questions, make a request or ask to be kept up to date with the next live broadcast

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