Earth Mother and Father Sky

Welcoming Home their child

A message for Lucy

Dearest beloved child, dearest beloved child, welcome home. You have worked hard and studied long. You have come to the place where you can allow yourself to rest in the truth of All That Is. You are allowing Divine Father to support you. There is much celebration. There truly is no need to work hard at this any longer. Allow yourself to rest, dearest child, you are held in mother’s arms and father supports you.

You can rest and breathe and step out into the world again, being all that you, taking all that you are into the world and returning home at the end of your work day knowing that we are here, always. Holding and supporting you in Love. Precious child, you are, you are precious beyond measure and we celebrate your return in your wholeness. We marvel at your radiance, your beauty, your accomplishments. We are proud parents – very proud. Know, dearest one, that the struggle is over, the hard work is complete. The joyous work begins. The full expression of who you are in the world can be, for you are allowing yourself to be fully supported. All Life rejoices. You are held, you are supported, you are loved wherever and however you choose to express yourself in the world. You are always Home. Turning your attention to us will bring you to us. Though we are always there. Thank you, dearest one for coming home. You are most welcome. We are Earth Mother and Father Sky. 

20190112 Channelled through GevaAnn outside our favourite cafe in Southern Spain

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