Channeling – Be in your centre and radiate the truth of who you are

Elohim Council of Light Overseeing the Ascension of Gaia

On some unusual cloud formations and storm activity creating dramatic patterns over the Alpujarran hills today.

“It’s energy that is ready to transform and it is releasing from the mountain, from the dense physicality, into the clouds as part of the transformation process.

It is a step in the transformation process. From that very dense physicality of the rock strata into the air. Partly creating but also being absorbed into the cloud to allow a transformation in the physical realm, before it is moved further. Before it becomes lighter and lighter energy. So it’s a step in the transformation, where the multiple aspects of the physical realm are working together to transform energy in the most graceful, gentle way possible.

The alternative is – like volcanoes and earthquakes. Because your releasing from the dense physicality of the planet and this is a way of being able to release with minimum impact on the physical realm and obviously a major part of that is reducing the impact on the human realms, because the human realm is incredibly fragile at this time.” 

My next question was – if there is release and catharsis happening, it suggests we’re not holding the harmonic resonance that would allow for dissolution of those energies more gracefully. So what can we do to shift to harmonic resonance in both realms?

The answer she channeled was: By being who we are

“By being who you are, resting in the centre of your being, in the core of your being and radiating out the truth of who you are, calls others to this point but also stabilises. Where you are resting in the core of your being and radiating your true frequencies, you are stabilising the collective. In stabilising the collective you are also assisting the planet, for you are the able to facilitate the release of disharmony with maximum ease and grace, with minimum disruption. This is within the human realm and within the physical body of Gaia – within the realm you currently focus your habitation. We would like to add that this has in many ways become your default position and that there is simply bringing to your awareness the value of your being in this position not only for yourself but for all – All. 

(…) this is the most efficient, the most graceful way that you as individuals can assist the transformation that you are currently within – within Gaia, within this universe. Focussing your awareness within your core centre and allowing your true frequencies to radiate. This is all that is required of you. And this is the way that you are most elegantly, efficiently and gracefully able to support the process for all. We thank you.” 

We are Elohim Light Council Overseeing the Ascension of Gaia. 

Channeled through GevaAnn Woodland – GevaAnn, Voice of Gaia

With Lucy Hunter (Infinity Resonance)

Channeling – Stand Rock Solid in the Truth of Who You Are

We Are Changing How We Dream Reality Into Being

We Are the Dreamers – We Are Creating the New World
Through GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

“It seems to be the call is to stand rock solid in the truth of who you are”

GevaAnn Voice of Gaia

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“We are the dreamers…

…we are the dreamers…

All of us. This is our primary function as humans, to dream reality. Gaia holds us. She dreams with us. She fuels our dream. But she allows us to lead the dream, for this is our function. We are the dreamers; the creators of the new world. 

Gaia and all of her creation supports us in this. 

The call for us at this time is to be in harmony with all of creation and to dream from the place of harmony and unity consciousness. This is what is changing.

We have always been the dreamers; the creators of the reality. But we have not been in harmony and unity. This is the great change that we are in the process of; allowing our dreams to come from unity and to be in harmony, with All of Life. Within Gaia.

She holds us. 

She calls us home to ourselves, so that we can come home to her, so that we can be in unity with all of life. 

So that we can create with love. Your task at this time is to stand solidly within the truth of who you are and allow love to speak through you. 

As you dream the new world into being, all gather to assist. All your cocreators are with you. The stronger you are in who you are; the sovereign creator human that you are, the more you are able to create with love in Gaia, with All of Life. 


artwork by Debra Bernier

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The Councils of Light Overseeing the Ascension of Planet Earth

“You Have Avoided a Disaster”

The Guides speak in celebration of this lunar full moon eclipse – Channeled through GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

“Humanity Has Achieved Something We Did Not Think At All Possible”

councils of light overseeing planetary ascension
Councils of Light Overseeing the Ascension of Planet Earth – You Have Avoided a Disaster

“The wave of awakening, the movement of the wave, the volume of the wave, the speed of the wave is far, far greater than was ever predicted. 

The speed at which humanity is awakening to the truth of themselves is far greater, far faster and in far greater numbers than was predicted to be even remotely possible.

Do you understand the momentousness of this?

Humanity has achieved something we did not think at all possible. 

Yes, humanity has done this a few times, recently. But not on this scale. You continue to surprise us. You continue to amaze us. 

In all that you have achieved, all that you have are willing to experience, all that you are willing to move through, all that you are willing to be. So that you can travel with Gaia as she ascends, so that you can all be present. This was your collective choice and you have gone beyond, beyond, beyond what was ever expected that you could do to achieve this. We are in awe of what is being achieved in earth, with Gaia, with Humanity, with All of Life, with Love. 

And so, cataclysmic events, monumental events are less and less likely to be needed to bring humanity to their hearts. For more and more and more are choosing this in every second, in every moment. This is what is so momentous. 

We are in awe. 

We are the councils of light overseeing the ascension of planet earth Thank you. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. And for your great willingness. All of you. Thank you. “

Channeled 9th July 2020 through GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

Message from Gaia

Gaia speaks on cocreating

Channeled through GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

Transcript Below

Gaia speaks on co-creation

Gaia calls us to rest, to come into co-creative alignment within her…

Rest in me. There is truly nothing for you to do at this time.

There is no call to action for you in this moment. Allow that expectation, that hard-wiring within you, to drop away.

You are not being called to arms. You are not being called to solve or fix anything, you are not being called to take action in this moment.

You are being asked to rest deeply within yourself, within all Life, within all that you Are, all that we Are. And All That Is. Allow yourself to rest, for it is through this deep, deep resting that action can arise. That there is no anticipation of action. There is no expectation of action, there is simply rest. 

And from this place of deep rest, we can observe what is becoming. 

We can allow the awareness to focus a little more closely on what is becoming. 

And to allow it expression. 

There is a deep yearning within us for the truth of humanity, for the truth of creating and for the truth of humanity’s role in creating, to be expressed in such a way that it can be heard. As the most natural thing that humanity would wish to do. 

As the most natural expression of humanity’s love. As the most natural expression of Love through humanity in creating. 

For indeed it is the most natural expression to create harmoniously, to be aware of the great symphony of Life and your song within it.

For this is how you create the physical realm that you dwell within; that you create constantly, for your expression, for your play and entertainment.

For you are an expression of Love. You are an expression of One Consciousness as it loves. Always. And One Consciousness’ desire to create expression of Love in form, physicality, through all the dimensions of existence. So that there is a great harmonious song. Many, many, many voices singing together. 

First, there is the resting. Deep within the truth of who you are. 

And then there is the expression of your song, your truth. And that song meets others on their songs and together you create a vast choir. 

And it is this that enables you to create your physical reality. 

It is a most glorious thing. 

And we are ready to sing. Together. 

Gaia channeled through GevaAnn. Tuesday 30th July 2020

Shifts in the Eclipse

A New Galactic State of Oneness – for the collective consciousness of humanity

Shifts in the Eclipse – A New Galactic State of Oneness

Cosmic Chats. 

Channels, seers and energy workers, GevaAnn Woodland and Lucy Hunter tune in around what’s shifted during this eclipse. This is a short clip of one major thing that’s changed for the collective consciousness. 

Shifts in the Eclipse – Galactic shift & the end of the Star Wars

There’s a whole level of galactic consciousness that we have not yet accessed. That is now available to us because of this. Through this window. It’s like we’ve been through the wormhole and we’ve come out the other side and there’s a whole new world there. Not just the one we are creating but all of Love is there. (GevaAnn) 

Ok, so this is the galactic awareness that transcends Light vs Dark, Good vs Evil, the Void vs Love. And as the disclosures and such like are happening here, that’s us processing our collective history with that story. How, even though we were asleep to our galactic connections, most of us, we were still galactically connected even though we were unconscious of it. And the level at which we were galactically connected was the level at which that polarity was present. Light vs Dark. Starwars Quite literally, the star wars. And there’s a whole wave of human consciousness only just becoming aware of this even as it’s left. Even as it’s ended. Neeing to process. Actually physically, emotionally process those themes, which are still playing out on the world stage. Those stories are still thrashing around at the moment, dying. 

And for many they’re quite new, but they’re only really coming to light because actually they’ve already ended and we need to get over the fact that we’ve been connected with that for so long. That what we’ve been on earth and what we’ve been on earth is what we’ve been out into the galaxy, in the universe. That’s the paradigm of reality. (Lucy)

That’s as far as we could connect. (GevaAnn)

That’s right. Ok. And what you’re saying is that at a collective level we are now connecting intergalactically in the realm that transcends that polarity. In the realm of unity, fifth dimensionality and Love. (Lucy)

Crown Activation – Solstice Solar Eclipse

Channeling – Christ Council

Transcript Below

Christ Council on The Crown Activation during the Solstice Solar Eclispe

Listening to a channeling

To get the most from a channeled message or transmission and to listen safely, it’s recommended you bring the focus of your attention inwards, into the heart and centre, noticing how you physically feel while you listen.


Solstice Solar Eclipse Channeling

Crown Activation

Christ Council – through GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

Beloveds of our heart, indeed there is an initiation of Christed energy entering your systems in full. Entering your systems via your crown. The Christed energy is entering the whole of your system. This is being managed as a loving, gentle, Graceful process. But even so, it is a powerful one.

We truly are with you, throughout this time. As you come into One, as you become Christ in totality. We are here to hold you in Love and we are here to celebrate with you. For in timelines, in lengths of time on earth, it has been a long time. And so we all gather to celebrate with you, at this momentous occasion. To celebrate in great Joy.

For Love has truly arrived on earth. Love never left earth. But still, Love has truly arrived in humanity on earth.

This is a celebration. This is a Joy. This is all that was ever dreamed. Thank you for playing your part so very well. Thank you.

We are the Christed Ones that have come before, who have, you would say, laid the path. We are all here to celebrate. You know us as the Christ Council. Thank you. 

Channeled through GevaAnn Woodland on 17th June 2020

In the presence of Lucy Hunter

Stop Everything & Drop – Channelled Message

Pan – Channelled through GevaAnn

Message on this Now Moment from the Elementals

Listen to the channelling here:

Pan on This Now Moment

“Drop Everything…until you rest in the core of who you are”

We are here, Dearest Ones, we are here to greet you, to embrace you, to hold you in your deepest stillness. 

To hold you as you drop and drop and drop. All the illusions that you have EVER known. 

It is time, Dearest Ones, to drop everything. 

This is the process that humanity is moving through at this time. In its simplest form DROP EVERYTHING and stop and drop again and stop and drop and drop and drop. 

Until you rest in the core of who you are. In the very truth of you with no illusions. No stories. Nothing but the purity of who you are. All of Life is holding you so that you CAN drop everything. 

You are held in the greatest love. You are held in All Life.

What more do you need?

Allow everything to be taken care of. 

By US. 

For that is our job. We have always taken care of everything. Now allow us to, please. We know what is required at this time. We know that humanity MUST drop its fears. MUST drop its illusions. 

And we are here to help. This is not an instant process. We understand this. You understand this. This is ongoing. But this is the process in its simplest form. Beloved Gaia holds all. She always has. Allow her to hold you. She always has. 

It didn’t matter what you did, she held you. 

It didn’t matter what you created, we have all held you. And now you are being asked to be still. To stop. To drop and drop and drop. 

There is nothing to be done. 

For just a moment, that is all that is required. 

So that humanity can be brought into alignment with All of Life, with beloved Gaia, with All That Is. 

Each and every one of you can be brought into this alignment. So please. Drop your fears. Drop your illusions. Your stories. Everything that holds you apart – separate, individual, disconnected. These are ALL illusions. NONE of it is true. 

Truth is EVERYTHING is connected. Every breath you take. Every thought you think, every word you speak, every action has an effect. It is connected to everything. And you are all becoming aware of this. It has taken a great deal. But you are there, moving into this truth. The only truth there really is. That everything is connected. 

Even those of you who think you have done the work, can still drop further, can let go of more, for you are assisting those who are new to this game. 

And so, dearest ones, remember. You are always held in greatest Love by All That Is, by your beloved Gaia, by us, your cocreators in form in the realms of matter – where we play. 

We await your pure presence. 

Thank you 

For being willing to make this great journey with us. 

Thank you. 

“It didn’t matter what you created, we have all held you. And now you are being asked to be still. To stop. To drop and drop and drop.” 

In Gaia’s Womb – Art By Alicia Blaze Hunsicker