Rediscovering Divine Timing

A reset in collective consciousness to reconnect with an embodied sense of divine timing to new depths, a reset in how we are grounded within the dimension of time, how the body is grounded within the dimension of time

Engineers from many different star systems gathered to collaborate in bringing through the divine time matrix supporting and working with us individually and collectively, demonstrating multidimensional collaboration.

The whole broadcast is an energy transmission. Setting the intention to receive what is for you will help you to receive the gifts here. We start with Lucy leading us in meditation to support this intention.

“As you come into a deeper divine timing and allow your body to be active within this timing you come to a deeper level of supporting our beloved Gaia, for you are in timing with her, as you allow yourselves to come into divine timing you allow yourselves to be in time with beloved Gaia and all of life here, all of life, for all in the reality here is life and you are welcome.” Pan and the Elementals

Ascension Channeling; We’ve avoided climate disaster – planetary shift

The dragons speak after the latest major upshift in consciousness. The collective shift in consciousness that just happened released huge control patterns from the holigraphical matrix of humanities collective co-creating within the planet. Called more deep hope onto the vibration of oneness awareness and unconditional love, these frequencies are transforming our bodily state, allowing for unconditional love to have more and more domain in the material world.

This has shifted the direction humanity is taking in its ascension within the planet, as she too continues to ascend.

Ascension means letting go of attaching to the vibratory state of separation and embodying, creating and manifesting in a connected place of oneness awareness.

This shift continues to move through the dimensions of density, transforming our vibratory state in ever more physical ways.

Many thanks to Lucy of for creating this video.

Creativity – channelings and conversation

Chatting with Lucy about what is active in the collective now, channelled messages from the guides gathered with us including elementals and dragons. This broadcast includes energy transmissions to support and stabilise us as we step up creating together.

Creativity transmissions

To fully receive the energy transmission give yourself time and space, be physically comfortable, close your eyes and drop your awareness into your body. Set the intention to receive only what is for you and relax.

Thanks to Lucy and the guides for this co-creation.


Elemental Blueprint – Akashic Activations

A conversation with Lucy at looking at what’s activating now in the blueprint for human consciousness and how that synchronises and nests within the evolution of Gaia, the planetary consciousness.

summer solstice rainbow bridge & Sovereign cocreativity

Another conversation with Lucy of

When we sit together we ask what is live here now and what wishes to be expressed now? Lucy gets the big picture scene which orientates our combined focus and we speak from there, it is of the moment. There are channelled messages and energy transmissions to orientate and align the listener within the collective human field and within Gaia.

Listen here:-

Hope it’s useful!

Energy Vortex over Ukraine

This channelled information came through in response to Lucy’s question about her dream of an energy vortex over a destroyed cityscape.

It is a vortex connected with the war in Ukraine, it is hoovering up the dissonance, it is hoovering up from that location specifically because that is the focus of this energy. This is the focus of conflict energy at this time, therefore the vortex is there to hoover it up .

This is your creation, not you personally, you collectively, all of you who have been asking for assistance in this endeavour have created, brought into being, this energy funnel, this vortex which is able to, as you say, hoover up, to suck up into higher frequency these energies that are no longer serving Gaia and humanity. As they came into focus in this geographic location called Ukraine. It has been to focus those energies there so that as you became aware of your own ability in the collective to create a means beyond this, you created this vortex, you utilised this focus to create this vortex to assist humanity’s evolution by sucking up the conflict energies into higher frequency where it can be resolved into unity consciousness and be disintegrated.

It’s been so polarised that it is now able to come into unity by doing that.

This has been the focus of polarisation,you have asked to resolve this and you have brought into being the means by which you can resolve the polarisation which has manifested as conflict, as war. As you the individuals involved are able to release your own polarisation and conflict you are able to hold the unity sufficiently for a unity funnel to be created to come into the density, to come into the polarisation and bring it into unity. There are many, many, many masters currently on the planet who have been involved in this co-creation. It was seen as the most graceful way for you all to evolve explandentory and at speed, for you have asked for this, for you have seen that you needed to be able to move much faster than you had originally perceived to enable all of you to make the transition, every single human who makes this choice whether they are making it awarely or not, you are all going with Gaia. For you all to go with Gaia there have had to be enough masters on the planet who have both the levels of awareness and the levels of skill to co-create in this manner.

Beloveds you are unstoppable, this is to be celebrated, for the more you bring love in, the more you are love, the more you radiate love out, the faster you can create the new reality and support everyone, every single aspect of life within Gaia. This is what you have asked to do, you would not go forward and leave behind anyone from the smallest bacteria to the greatest mountain and including all of humanity. You said we will go together with Gaia. When you said we will go together you included everything that is part of your reality, that co-creates this reality with you, for you have chosen to enjoy the playground that is Gaia, to enjoy it in love and to know that in love everything can expand, everything can thrive and everything blossoms into its greatest, its fullness and Gaia becomes the shining beacon she was always meant to be.

Gaia’s climate change

This channelled information from the Elementals came through in conversation with Lucy of about a news report from New Zealand about projected sea leval rise.

They are unaware of the microscopic movement choices Gaia makes constantly to support life at the same time as moving through these changes, how she is managing the melting of the ice caps to minimise the disruption to life at the same time as allowing this shift and change. The shift and realignments of the tutonic plates that she is currently managing and that this is being undertaken in very carefully managed incremental steps to prevent destabilisation for everything is very finely balanced in this time.

Come into a point of rest within yourselves that she has this and she is not going to kill you all. This is a vitally important step for humanity to make. Yes, you make a difference, yes, you have had what appears to be a detrimental effect on her, this has come to your awareness, has been called into your awareness, so that you change the way you relate to life and to Gaia and to each other. This is the purpose of climate change in your awareness. She is undergoing as big a shift within herself as you are in yourselves and it effects her physicality as you are finding your physicality is effected and it is in these small incremental steps that are being managed so that it has as little disruption as possible at the same time as bringing to your awareness what your role has been and is, in this planet. Balancing those two pieces has been a little tricky!

GA I’ve got the image of walking along a tightrope with a balancing pole, it’s been a bit like that!

It is perceived to be easier if humanity can come to a coherent understanding of its role in this planet this takes the pressure off and enables the movement of Gaia to be more easily and gracefully managed.

The fear that humanity is exhibiting and moving within, concerning their survival here is a hindrance to the process, so to move beyond the fear and to come into a clear understanding of your role, of who you are, and that you make a difference and that this difference doesn’t have to be detrimental, that you can make as big a difference in the other direction, that you can turn it around. So that you can bring into form creations that support wholeness, living in unity within Gaia. She is then able to manage her movement and changes that come into being to support you ever further, that the new land masses, the new species of all life that are able to come into being as you move into unity consciousness can do so with much ease and grace.

It is to bring to your awareness that you are not detrimental to this planet, it is the fear that is the problem, not humanity.

On Planetary Changes

This transmission came through whilst in conversation with Lucy Hunter of, thanks to her for the recording.

Listening to the podcast is recommended as it is an energy transmission as well as information, transcript is below.

To receive the transmission set the intention to align with and only receive what is for you.

listen to podcast here


Beloveds, allow yourselves to be held in great love by All That Is, allow yourselves to drop deeply in and know yourselves as the planetary beings that you are, allow yourself to remember the wholeness of the planetary being that in your human self you dwell within. There is much similarity between your own planetary selves and your planet, Gaia’s planetary self. As you come into the truth, the wholeness that you are through all the levels of your being you also come into the truth and wholeness that you are at the planetary level this is how you support Gaia as she comes into the truth of who she is and she allows the changes within herself that you allow within yourselves, she, with the assistance of all the companies of heaven, of the cosmos, has been managing her transformation so that it causes as little disruption as possible to all of life here, particularly the newest beings here, that is you, humans, for you are very precious and you are most essential in this process. Gaia’s changes have been so that they cause as little disruption as possible, but they will, they have and they will continue to cause some disruption, this is inevitable.

It is not possible for you to move through this change without disruption and we would advise that you allow disruption, allow change, call upon grace to assist in any and all change wether it is yours personal, yours collective or planetary changes. Do not be attached to the changes, do not be attached to what has been in the past, thinking that changes that Gaia particularly is undergoing in her planetary body are detrimental. They are simply changes and yes they will impact on human life, but the one thing you can say about humanity is that it is adaptable, it thrives on change when it allows itself and you all will make the changes and the adaptions you choose, wish and are supported in making. For some of you it will be that you leave your bodies and for many of you it will be that you choose to relocate to another part of the planet, for some they will feel they have been driven to relocate forgetting it was a choice of the soul. There is and will continue to be much change and much flow of humanity through the planet at this time and on going.

Many of the physical changes may appear to be catastrophic but they are a necessity to allow the new growth, the new configurations of energy and the growth of Gaia and all life here as it blossoms ever more radiantly. So do not be fearful of thawing of the ice caps, do not be fearful of desertfication, do not be fearful of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere these are all part of Gaia’s changing and all will come into equilibrium and all will continue to support all of life, particularly humanity.

There is a new interchange happening between you all as you remember that you are not separate, as you remember that you are one with your beloved planet, for you are her and she is you in many ways. Allowing yourselves to come into a loving peaceful relationship with each other, with all life, and with your planet, is recommended as an action of support for her, for life, and for yourselves at this time. You are not alone here, any of you, you are being carried, each and everyone of you, in great love and you are moving into new positions, new relationships, new configurations, through out the planet to support this process within you all and within beloved Gaia.

Thank you.

Joy! Channeling from the Elementals

Half Moon, 9th April 2022

with Lucy -Infinity Resonance

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being willing to join us at an ever deeper, expansive level. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are delighted to be working with you at this time, for it is a most joyous time.

For more and more of humanity is coming into this level of truth and to know that we are cocreating together, with you, you with us.

And we are excited to see that many of you are opening to new possibilities of how you can live, not only in harmony with each other but in harmony with us and all of Life.

For all of Life and we are in a dance with you. For there is celebration even though there is also great destruction for many of you. We hold all of you in great love and compassion at this time as you live out these final stories of discord and allow yourselves to remember once again that harmony is possible even in the most unlikely places. 

Hold this as a possibility, beloveds, hold this as a possibility – that harmony can exist in the most unlikely of places. And allow it to rest within you. Allow. And it will affect those around you, and around them, and around them, and around them. Do you see how the frequencies that you are radiating always affect those around you? Always. So allow them to be of Joy and have compassion. For it is necessary at this time. Allow them to be harmonic. Harmonious, High-frequency harmony – joyous.

And we are as ever your elemental friends, in all our shapes and sizes and all our frequencies, we love you and are you, so yes, there is always that connection between us.

With Love, Beloveds, it is always joyous 

And we wish you the most joyous of days

(Bell tolls at this moment)