Ask the Elementals – Iron

Channelled Message – Elementals & Iron

All of Everything is Consciousness. Consciousness Can Speak

GevaAnn speaks as the element of iron – Hear the audio below

GevaAnn: All the stories of the elementals and all the stories of the connections with the elemental realms and the planet, even have an element where they cannot abide iron; it’s harmful to them. And this is because at that level it’s the tool of separation. It separates, and separates and separates – and this is what they cannot abide. These stories have been continued and have been reworked through our history and our awareness so that we would one day remember that we believed that we were separate. 

And that we – placing iron – putting – allowing iron to be in truth would allow it to no longer be seperate and no longer a tool of sepration. This with all things starts within the individual. Allowing iron to rest in the truth of itself within yourself allows it once again to resonate in truth within Gaia – allows wholeness to spread. So that all can more easily come home to the truth that there is no separation. 

We thank you for receiving this knowledge; this information that has been held for eons of time for you, for it is time for it to be known once again, the role that iron has played in separation. 

We are Iron. 

Thank you.”


Audio Recording of the message:

Channelled Message – Ask the Elementals: iron

Channelled Outside Baraka, Orgiva, with Lucy

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