Rediscovering Divine Timing

A reset in collective consciousness to reconnect with an embodied sense of divine timing to new depths, a reset in how we are grounded within the dimension of time, how the body is grounded within the dimension of time Engineers from many different star systems gathered to collaborate in bringing through the divine time matrixContinue reading “Rediscovering Divine Timing”

Ascension Channeling; We’ve avoided climate disaster – planetary shift

The dragons speak after the latest major upshift in consciousness. The collective shift in consciousness that just happened released huge control patterns from the holigraphical matrix of humanities collective co-creating within the planet. Called more deep hope onto the vibration of oneness awareness and unconditional love, these frequencies are transforming our bodily state, allowing forContinue reading “Ascension Channeling; We’ve avoided climate disaster – planetary shift”

Creativity – channelings and conversation

Chatting with Lucy about what is active in the collective now, channelled messages from the guides gathered with us including elementals and dragons. This broadcast includes energy transmissions to support and stabilise us as we step up creating together. To fully receive the energy transmission give yourself time and space, be physically comfortable, close yourContinue reading “Creativity – channelings and conversation”

Elemental Blueprint – Akashic Activations

A conversation with Lucy at looking at what’s activating now in the blueprint for human consciousness and how that synchronises and nests within the evolution of Gaia, the planetary consciousness.

summer solstice rainbow bridge & Sovereign cocreativity

Another conversation with Lucy of When we sit together we ask what is live here now and what wishes to be expressed now? Lucy gets the big picture scene which orientates our combined focus and we speak from there, it is of the moment. There are channelled messages and energy transmissions to orientate andContinue reading “summer solstice rainbow bridge & Sovereign cocreativity”

Energy Vortex over Ukraine

This channelled information came through in response to Lucy’s question about her dream of an energy vortex over a destroyed cityscape. It is a vortex connected with the war in Ukraine, it is hoovering up the dissonance, it is hoovering up from that location specifically because that is the focus of this energy. This isContinue reading “Energy Vortex over Ukraine”

Gaia’s climate change

This channelled information from the Elementals came through in conversation with Lucy of about a news report from New Zealand about projected sea leval rise. They are unaware of the microscopic movement choices Gaia makes constantly to support life at the same time as moving through these changes, how she is managing the meltingContinue reading “Gaia’s climate change”

On Planetary Changes

This transmission came through whilst in conversation with Lucy Hunter of, thanks to her for the recording. Listening to the podcast is recommended as it is an energy transmission as well as information, transcript is below. To receive the transmission set the intention to align with and only receive what is for you. listenContinue reading “On Planetary Changes”