Rediscovering Divine Timing

A reset in collective consciousness to reconnect with an embodied sense of divine timing to new depths, a reset in how we are grounded within the dimension of time, how the body is grounded within the dimension of time

Engineers from many different star systems gathered to collaborate in bringing through the divine time matrix supporting and working with us individually and collectively, demonstrating multidimensional collaboration.

The whole broadcast is an energy transmission. Setting the intention to receive what is for you will help you to receive the gifts here. We start with Lucy leading us in meditation to support this intention.

“As you come into a deeper divine timing and allow your body to be active within this timing you come to a deeper level of supporting our beloved Gaia, for you are in timing with her, as you allow yourselves to come into divine timing you allow yourselves to be in time with beloved Gaia and all of life here, all of life, for all in the reality here is life and you are welcome.” Pan and the Elementals

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