Ascension Channeling; We’ve avoided climate disaster – planetary shift

The dragons speak after the latest major upshift in consciousness. The collective shift in consciousness that just happened released huge control patterns from the holigraphical matrix of humanities collective co-creating within the planet. Called more deep hope onto the vibration of oneness awareness and unconditional love, these frequencies are transforming our bodily state, allowing for unconditional love to have more and more domain in the material world.

This has shifted the direction humanity is taking in its ascension within the planet, as she too continues to ascend.

Ascension means letting go of attaching to the vibratory state of separation and embodying, creating and manifesting in a connected place of oneness awareness.

This shift continues to move through the dimensions of density, transforming our vibratory state in ever more physical ways.

Many thanks to Lucy of for creating this video.

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