Energy Vortex over Ukraine

This channelled information came through in response to Lucy’s question about her dream of an energy vortex over a destroyed cityscape.

It is a vortex connected with the war in Ukraine, it is hoovering up the dissonance, it is hoovering up from that location specifically because that is the focus of this energy. This is the focus of conflict energy at this time, therefore the vortex is there to hoover it up .

This is your creation, not you personally, you collectively, all of you who have been asking for assistance in this endeavour have created, brought into being, this energy funnel, this vortex which is able to, as you say, hoover up, to suck up into higher frequency these energies that are no longer serving Gaia and humanity. As they came into focus in this geographic location called Ukraine. It has been to focus those energies there so that as you became aware of your own ability in the collective to create a means beyond this, you created this vortex, you utilised this focus to create this vortex to assist humanity’s evolution by sucking up the conflict energies into higher frequency where it can be resolved into unity consciousness and be disintegrated.

It’s been so polarised that it is now able to come into unity by doing that.

This has been the focus of polarisation,you have asked to resolve this and you have brought into being the means by which you can resolve the polarisation which has manifested as conflict, as war. As you the individuals involved are able to release your own polarisation and conflict you are able to hold the unity sufficiently for a unity funnel to be created to come into the density, to come into the polarisation and bring it into unity. There are many, many, many masters currently on the planet who have been involved in this co-creation. It was seen as the most graceful way for you all to evolve explandentory and at speed, for you have asked for this, for you have seen that you needed to be able to move much faster than you had originally perceived to enable all of you to make the transition, every single human who makes this choice whether they are making it awarely or not, you are all going with Gaia. For you all to go with Gaia there have had to be enough masters on the planet who have both the levels of awareness and the levels of skill to co-create in this manner.

Beloveds you are unstoppable, this is to be celebrated, for the more you bring love in, the more you are love, the more you radiate love out, the faster you can create the new reality and support everyone, every single aspect of life within Gaia. This is what you have asked to do, you would not go forward and leave behind anyone from the smallest bacteria to the greatest mountain and including all of humanity. You said we will go together with Gaia. When you said we will go together you included everything that is part of your reality, that co-creates this reality with you, for you have chosen to enjoy the playground that is Gaia, to enjoy it in love and to know that in love everything can expand, everything can thrive and everything blossoms into its greatest, its fullness and Gaia becomes the shining beacon she was always meant to be.

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