Gaia’s climate change

This channelled information from the Elementals came through in conversation with Lucy of about a news report from New Zealand about projected sea leval rise.

They are unaware of the microscopic movement choices Gaia makes constantly to support life at the same time as moving through these changes, how she is managing the melting of the ice caps to minimise the disruption to life at the same time as allowing this shift and change. The shift and realignments of the tutonic plates that she is currently managing and that this is being undertaken in very carefully managed incremental steps to prevent destabilisation for everything is very finely balanced in this time.

Come into a point of rest within yourselves that she has this and she is not going to kill you all. This is a vitally important step for humanity to make. Yes, you make a difference, yes, you have had what appears to be a detrimental effect on her, this has come to your awareness, has been called into your awareness, so that you change the way you relate to life and to Gaia and to each other. This is the purpose of climate change in your awareness. She is undergoing as big a shift within herself as you are in yourselves and it effects her physicality as you are finding your physicality is effected and it is in these small incremental steps that are being managed so that it has as little disruption as possible at the same time as bringing to your awareness what your role has been and is, in this planet. Balancing those two pieces has been a little tricky!

GA I’ve got the image of walking along a tightrope with a balancing pole, it’s been a bit like that!

It is perceived to be easier if humanity can come to a coherent understanding of its role in this planet this takes the pressure off and enables the movement of Gaia to be more easily and gracefully managed.

The fear that humanity is exhibiting and moving within, concerning their survival here is a hindrance to the process, so to move beyond the fear and to come into a clear understanding of your role, of who you are, and that you make a difference and that this difference doesn’t have to be detrimental, that you can make as big a difference in the other direction, that you can turn it around. So that you can bring into form creations that support wholeness, living in unity within Gaia. She is then able to manage her movement and changes that come into being to support you ever further, that the new land masses, the new species of all life that are able to come into being as you move into unity consciousness can do so with much ease and grace.

It is to bring to your awareness that you are not detrimental to this planet, it is the fear that is the problem, not humanity.

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