On Planetary Changes

This transmission came through whilst in conversation with Lucy Hunter of infinityresonance.com, thanks to her for the recording.

Listening to the podcast is recommended as it is an energy transmission as well as information, transcript is below.

To receive the transmission set the intention to align with and only receive what is for you.

listen to podcast here


Beloveds, allow yourselves to be held in great love by All That Is, allow yourselves to drop deeply in and know yourselves as the planetary beings that you are, allow yourself to remember the wholeness of the planetary being that in your human self you dwell within. There is much similarity between your own planetary selves and your planet, Gaia’s planetary self. As you come into the truth, the wholeness that you are through all the levels of your being you also come into the truth and wholeness that you are at the planetary level this is how you support Gaia as she comes into the truth of who she is and she allows the changes within herself that you allow within yourselves, she, with the assistance of all the companies of heaven, of the cosmos, has been managing her transformation so that it causes as little disruption as possible to all of life here, particularly the newest beings here, that is you, humans, for you are very precious and you are most essential in this process. Gaia’s changes have been so that they cause as little disruption as possible, but they will, they have and they will continue to cause some disruption, this is inevitable.

It is not possible for you to move through this change without disruption and we would advise that you allow disruption, allow change, call upon grace to assist in any and all change wether it is yours personal, yours collective or planetary changes. Do not be attached to the changes, do not be attached to what has been in the past, thinking that changes that Gaia particularly is undergoing in her planetary body are detrimental. They are simply changes and yes they will impact on human life, but the one thing you can say about humanity is that it is adaptable, it thrives on change when it allows itself and you all will make the changes and the adaptions you choose, wish and are supported in making. For some of you it will be that you leave your bodies and for many of you it will be that you choose to relocate to another part of the planet, for some they will feel they have been driven to relocate forgetting it was a choice of the soul. There is and will continue to be much change and much flow of humanity through the planet at this time and on going.

Many of the physical changes may appear to be catastrophic but they are a necessity to allow the new growth, the new configurations of energy and the growth of Gaia and all life here as it blossoms ever more radiantly. So do not be fearful of thawing of the ice caps, do not be fearful of desertfication, do not be fearful of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere these are all part of Gaia’s changing and all will come into equilibrium and all will continue to support all of life, particularly humanity.

There is a new interchange happening between you all as you remember that you are not separate, as you remember that you are one with your beloved planet, for you are her and she is you in many ways. Allowing yourselves to come into a loving peaceful relationship with each other, with all life, and with your planet, is recommended as an action of support for her, for life, and for yourselves at this time. You are not alone here, any of you, you are being carried, each and everyone of you, in great love and you are moving into new positions, new relationships, new configurations, through out the planet to support this process within you all and within beloved Gaia.

Thank you.

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