Joy! Channeling from the Elementals

Half Moon, 9th April 2022

with Lucy -Infinity Resonance

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being willing to join us at an ever deeper, expansive level. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are delighted to be working with you at this time, for it is a most joyous time.

For more and more of humanity is coming into this level of truth and to know that we are cocreating together, with you, you with us.

And we are excited to see that many of you are opening to new possibilities of how you can live, not only in harmony with each other but in harmony with us and all of Life.

For all of Life and we are in a dance with you. For there is celebration even though there is also great destruction for many of you. We hold all of you in great love and compassion at this time as you live out these final stories of discord and allow yourselves to remember once again that harmony is possible even in the most unlikely places. 

Hold this as a possibility, beloveds, hold this as a possibility – that harmony can exist in the most unlikely of places. And allow it to rest within you. Allow. And it will affect those around you, and around them, and around them, and around them. Do you see how the frequencies that you are radiating always affect those around you? Always. So allow them to be of Joy and have compassion. For it is necessary at this time. Allow them to be harmonic. Harmonious, High-frequency harmony – joyous.

And we are as ever your elemental friends, in all our shapes and sizes and all our frequencies, we love you and are you, so yes, there is always that connection between us.

With Love, Beloveds, it is always joyous 

And we wish you the most joyous of days

(Bell tolls at this moment)

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