Channeling – Be in your centre and radiate the truth of who you are

Elohim Council of Light Overseeing the Ascension of Gaia

On some unusual cloud formations and storm activity creating dramatic patterns over the Alpujarran hills today.

“It’s energy that is ready to transform and it is releasing from the mountain, from the dense physicality, into the clouds as part of the transformation process.

It is a step in the transformation process. From that very dense physicality of the rock strata into the air. Partly creating but also being absorbed into the cloud to allow a transformation in the physical realm, before it is moved further. Before it becomes lighter and lighter energy. So it’s a step in the transformation, where the multiple aspects of the physical realm are working together to transform energy in the most graceful, gentle way possible.

The alternative is – like volcanoes and earthquakes. Because your releasing from the dense physicality of the planet and this is a way of being able to release with minimum impact on the physical realm and obviously a major part of that is reducing the impact on the human realms, because the human realm is incredibly fragile at this time.” 

My next question was – if there is release and catharsis happening, it suggests we’re not holding the harmonic resonance that would allow for dissolution of those energies more gracefully. So what can we do to shift to harmonic resonance in both realms?

The answer she channeled was: By being who we are

“By being who you are, resting in the centre of your being, in the core of your being and radiating out the truth of who you are, calls others to this point but also stabilises. Where you are resting in the core of your being and radiating your true frequencies, you are stabilising the collective. In stabilising the collective you are also assisting the planet, for you are the able to facilitate the release of disharmony with maximum ease and grace, with minimum disruption. This is within the human realm and within the physical body of Gaia – within the realm you currently focus your habitation. We would like to add that this has in many ways become your default position and that there is simply bringing to your awareness the value of your being in this position not only for yourself but for all – All. 

(…) this is the most efficient, the most graceful way that you as individuals can assist the transformation that you are currently within – within Gaia, within this universe. Focussing your awareness within your core centre and allowing your true frequencies to radiate. This is all that is required of you. And this is the way that you are most elegantly, efficiently and gracefully able to support the process for all. We thank you.” 

We are Elohim Light Council Overseeing the Ascension of Gaia. 

Channeled through GevaAnn Woodland – GevaAnn, Voice of Gaia

With Lucy Hunter (Infinity Resonance)

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