Channeling – Stand Rock Solid in the Truth of Who You Are

We Are Changing How We Dream Reality Into Being

We Are the Dreamers – We Are Creating the New World
Through GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

“It seems to be the call is to stand rock solid in the truth of who you are”

GevaAnn Voice of Gaia

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“We are the dreamers…

…we are the dreamers…

All of us. This is our primary function as humans, to dream reality. Gaia holds us. She dreams with us. She fuels our dream. But she allows us to lead the dream, for this is our function. We are the dreamers; the creators of the new world. 

Gaia and all of her creation supports us in this. 

The call for us at this time is to be in harmony with all of creation and to dream from the place of harmony and unity consciousness. This is what is changing.

We have always been the dreamers; the creators of the reality. But we have not been in harmony and unity. This is the great change that we are in the process of; allowing our dreams to come from unity and to be in harmony, with All of Life. Within Gaia.

She holds us. 

She calls us home to ourselves, so that we can come home to her, so that we can be in unity with all of life. 

So that we can create with love. Your task at this time is to stand solidly within the truth of who you are and allow love to speak through you. 

As you dream the new world into being, all gather to assist. All your cocreators are with you. The stronger you are in who you are; the sovereign creator human that you are, the more you are able to create with love in Gaia, with All of Life. 


artwork by Debra Bernier

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