Message from Gaia

Gaia speaks on cocreating

Channeled through GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

Transcript Below

Gaia speaks on co-creation

Gaia calls us to rest, to come into co-creative alignment within her…

Rest in me. There is truly nothing for you to do at this time.

There is no call to action for you in this moment. Allow that expectation, that hard-wiring within you, to drop away.

You are not being called to arms. You are not being called to solve or fix anything, you are not being called to take action in this moment.

You are being asked to rest deeply within yourself, within all Life, within all that you Are, all that we Are. And All That Is. Allow yourself to rest, for it is through this deep, deep resting that action can arise. That there is no anticipation of action. There is no expectation of action, there is simply rest. 

And from this place of deep rest, we can observe what is becoming. 

We can allow the awareness to focus a little more closely on what is becoming. 

And to allow it expression. 

There is a deep yearning within us for the truth of humanity, for the truth of creating and for the truth of humanity’s role in creating, to be expressed in such a way that it can be heard. As the most natural thing that humanity would wish to do. 

As the most natural expression of humanity’s love. As the most natural expression of Love through humanity in creating. 

For indeed it is the most natural expression to create harmoniously, to be aware of the great symphony of Life and your song within it.

For this is how you create the physical realm that you dwell within; that you create constantly, for your expression, for your play and entertainment.

For you are an expression of Love. You are an expression of One Consciousness as it loves. Always. And One Consciousness’ desire to create expression of Love in form, physicality, through all the dimensions of existence. So that there is a great harmonious song. Many, many, many voices singing together. 

First, there is the resting. Deep within the truth of who you are. 

And then there is the expression of your song, your truth. And that song meets others on their songs and together you create a vast choir. 

And it is this that enables you to create your physical reality. 

It is a most glorious thing. 

And we are ready to sing. Together. 

Gaia channeled through GevaAnn. Tuesday 30th July 2020

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