Shifts in the Eclipse

A New Galactic State of Oneness – for the collective consciousness of humanity

Shifts in the Eclipse – A New Galactic State of Oneness

Cosmic Chats. 

Channels, seers and energy workers, GevaAnn Woodland and Lucy Hunter tune in around what’s shifted during this eclipse. This is a short clip of one major thing that’s changed for the collective consciousness. 

Shifts in the Eclipse – Galactic shift & the end of the Star Wars

There’s a whole level of galactic consciousness that we have not yet accessed. That is now available to us because of this. Through this window. It’s like we’ve been through the wormhole and we’ve come out the other side and there’s a whole new world there. Not just the one we are creating but all of Love is there. (GevaAnn) 

Ok, so this is the galactic awareness that transcends Light vs Dark, Good vs Evil, the Void vs Love. And as the disclosures and such like are happening here, that’s us processing our collective history with that story. How, even though we were asleep to our galactic connections, most of us, we were still galactically connected even though we were unconscious of it. And the level at which we were galactically connected was the level at which that polarity was present. Light vs Dark. Starwars Quite literally, the star wars. And there’s a whole wave of human consciousness only just becoming aware of this even as it’s left. Even as it’s ended. Neeing to process. Actually physically, emotionally process those themes, which are still playing out on the world stage. Those stories are still thrashing around at the moment, dying. 

And for many they’re quite new, but they’re only really coming to light because actually they’ve already ended and we need to get over the fact that we’ve been connected with that for so long. That what we’ve been on earth and what we’ve been on earth is what we’ve been out into the galaxy, in the universe. That’s the paradigm of reality. (Lucy)

That’s as far as we could connect. (GevaAnn)

That’s right. Ok. And what you’re saying is that at a collective level we are now connecting intergalactically in the realm that transcends that polarity. In the realm of unity, fifth dimensionality and Love. (Lucy)

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