Crown Activation – Solstice Solar Eclipse

Channeling – Christ Council

Transcript Below

Christ Council on The Crown Activation during the Solstice Solar Eclispe

Listening to a channeling

To get the most from a channeled message or transmission and to listen safely, it’s recommended you bring the focus of your attention inwards, into the heart and centre, noticing how you physically feel while you listen.


Solstice Solar Eclipse Channeling

Crown Activation

Christ Council – through GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia

Beloveds of our heart, indeed there is an initiation of Christed energy entering your systems in full. Entering your systems via your crown. The Christed energy is entering the whole of your system. This is being managed as a loving, gentle, Graceful process. But even so, it is a powerful one.

We truly are with you, throughout this time. As you come into One, as you become Christ in totality. We are here to hold you in Love and we are here to celebrate with you. For in timelines, in lengths of time on earth, it has been a long time. And so we all gather to celebrate with you, at this momentous occasion. To celebrate in great Joy.

For Love has truly arrived on earth. Love never left earth. But still, Love has truly arrived in humanity on earth.

This is a celebration. This is a Joy. This is all that was ever dreamed. Thank you for playing your part so very well. Thank you.

We are the Christed Ones that have come before, who have, you would say, laid the path. We are all here to celebrate. You know us as the Christ Council. Thank you. 

Channeled through GevaAnn Woodland on 17th June 2020

In the presence of Lucy Hunter

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