Stop Everything & Drop – Channelled Message

Pan – Channelled through GevaAnn

Message on this Now Moment from the Elementals

Listen to the channelling here:

Pan on This Now Moment

“Drop Everything…until you rest in the core of who you are”

We are here, Dearest Ones, we are here to greet you, to embrace you, to hold you in your deepest stillness. 

To hold you as you drop and drop and drop. All the illusions that you have EVER known. 

It is time, Dearest Ones, to drop everything. 

This is the process that humanity is moving through at this time. In its simplest form DROP EVERYTHING and stop and drop again and stop and drop and drop and drop. 

Until you rest in the core of who you are. In the very truth of you with no illusions. No stories. Nothing but the purity of who you are. All of Life is holding you so that you CAN drop everything. 

You are held in the greatest love. You are held in All Life.

What more do you need?

Allow everything to be taken care of. 

By US. 

For that is our job. We have always taken care of everything. Now allow us to, please. We know what is required at this time. We know that humanity MUST drop its fears. MUST drop its illusions. 

And we are here to help. This is not an instant process. We understand this. You understand this. This is ongoing. But this is the process in its simplest form. Beloved Gaia holds all. She always has. Allow her to hold you. She always has. 

It didn’t matter what you did, she held you. 

It didn’t matter what you created, we have all held you. And now you are being asked to be still. To stop. To drop and drop and drop. 

There is nothing to be done. 

For just a moment, that is all that is required. 

So that humanity can be brought into alignment with All of Life, with beloved Gaia, with All That Is. 

Each and every one of you can be brought into this alignment. So please. Drop your fears. Drop your illusions. Your stories. Everything that holds you apart – separate, individual, disconnected. These are ALL illusions. NONE of it is true. 

Truth is EVERYTHING is connected. Every breath you take. Every thought you think, every word you speak, every action has an effect. It is connected to everything. And you are all becoming aware of this. It has taken a great deal. But you are there, moving into this truth. The only truth there really is. That everything is connected. 

Even those of you who think you have done the work, can still drop further, can let go of more, for you are assisting those who are new to this game. 

And so, dearest ones, remember. You are always held in greatest Love by All That Is, by your beloved Gaia, by us, your cocreators in form in the realms of matter – where we play. 

We await your pure presence. 

Thank you 

For being willing to make this great journey with us. 

Thank you. 

“It didn’t matter what you created, we have all held you. And now you are being asked to be still. To stop. To drop and drop and drop.” 

In Gaia’s Womb – Art By Alicia Blaze Hunsicker


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