12th Dimensional Beings

A Message on Multidimensionality

Channelled through GevaAnn

“Blessings dearest one. Indeed, in your terms we have come a very long way. We would add, so have you. We wish to share with you an understanding of multi-dimensionality that we have. For we have journeyed much with this concept. We have chosen to investigate the multiple aspects of being, which you would call multidimensionality, but each individual is more than an individual, is resonating on many planes and yet is individual. It sounds as though it is a conundrum and in many ways it is for when you have a linear perspective as you have trained yourselves to have, for your journey deep into separation has required this, to come to a point of remembering that you are multidimensional is to challenge all your perceptions of yourself in linear space and time. So, as each focus of awareness is in a dimension; a frequency, vibrating, exploring, each frequency band, dimension, contains a focus of awareness of the same individual stream of Source Energy. As you expand your awareness from the focus that you have held in the individual level of being that you have experienced in your trajectory – for you this has been what you call 3D – as you expand into what you know as 5D you become aware that there are more of you beyond. And you now have, as you journey in this dimension, you have the ability to connect your awareness to the awareness in other dimensions; the awareness of yourself in other dimensions, so that you can bring information from all the aspects of yourself to this one, where you are focused. These other aspects also do this. The information that you have gathered and experiences that you have undergone in your exploration at the far reaches of vibration in th 3rd dimension, you have shared this information with the aspects of Self in all the others. It is shared from one to another, to another. There is a whole network. And as your awareness is broadening, you are able to allow the information flow the other way. So that you are now just feeding information but are receiving in a much more aware manner. You have always received. But you are strengthening those connections so that you can receive more detail and make choices in your life that are more aligned with more aspects so that the journey of awareness to wholeness is easier. There are aspects, dimensions that it is easier for you to access and others that are further away, so to speak. You can receive from all of them. In some cases it is a stepping down phenomena, passed from one to another. And some it is a direct communication. There is full integrity in all the communication itself at each level, for you have come to a point in your journey to where you are clear and in full integrity and so you only attract what is in full integrity. We honour you and thank you for your willingness to encompass all that you are and remain focussed in the physical realms. We, in the 12th dimension, applaud, for we comprehend the fullness of this achievement. We honour you and we thank you. And we look forward to future communication. Blessings on you dearest ones, enjoy your lives, they are precious and unique.”

12th dimensional beings

‘There was a sense of their being whole, seeing the whole.’ GevaAnn

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