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One to One Sessions for you, your home and your land. Channeled Q&A sessions and energy transmissions for supportive guidance & Harmony Alignments. Sessions can be for you or be combined with home and land work.

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“The elementals are so ready for us to be in alignment so we can create in harmony”

Gevaann Woodland

“GevaAnn accesses the highest level guidance on the broadest spectrum of practical and metaphysical matters. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the things that matter most to me.”

Lucy Hunter

GevaAnn Woodland is a consultant for Conscious CoCreating, whether this is for your life, your land, your buildings or your community projects. Working with you to assist you in bringing your creations into their highest alignment, she brings a diversity of skills for guiding your practical steps.

Available for direct input on your creative personal, landscape and building projects, for assistance on your personal path, or for simply opening up your connections with the elementals and hearing the messages they have for you, GevaAnn welcomes all who approach in an attitude of innocent curiosity to learn direct from source how we are all connected within our planet.

GevaAnn has perfected the art of listening to guides and the art of getting out of the way of what they have to say.

Their messages are clear, direct and actionable, combining the metaphysical with the practical. She is known as the Voice of Gaia and yet can access the multi-dimensions of channelled guidance.


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